TAD570VE-B/TAD571VE-B is a powerful, reliable and
economical off-road Diesel Engine range built on the
proven Volvo Group in-line four concept.

Low cost of ownership
World class fuel efficiency combined with a reliable
exhaust aftertreatment system gives high uptime as well
as low cost of ownership. No downtime for regeneration or
decreased service intervals.

Durability & low noise
Long experince with SCR systems in combination with
base engine development reduces risk of downtime. Wellbalanced to produce smooth operation with low noise.

Power & torque
Maximum power and torque available at low rpm. As a
result noice as well as fuel consumption is very low. Useful
engine speed for the TAD570VE-B/TAD571VE-B is due to
power and torque layout very flexible.

Low exhaust emission
Efficient injection as well as robust engine design in
combination with optimised SCR technology and a cooled
EGR contributes to excellent combustion and low fuel

Compact & simple installation
SCR technology selected by Volvo does not increase
amount of cooling capacity needed. As optional equipment
all material needed in order to install the engine can be
ordered from Volvo Penta. Installation guidelines as well as
drawings and CAD models are easy to access. The result is
an engine and aftertreatment system that is easy to install.

• Low cost of ownership and operation
• High power and torque already at low engine speed
• SCR and cooled EGR only – no DPF, DOC or regeneration
• Compact, simple installation and easy to service
• Similar engine footprint for all emission standards
• Wide range of optional equipment

Easy service & maintenance
Easily accessible service and maintenance points
contribute to the ease of service of the engine. As optional
equipment possible to remote mount filters and service
points. Up to 1000 hour oil change interval.

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