5.13 liter, in-line 4 cylinder

TAD571VE is an off-road, in-line 4-cylinder, 5.13-liter diesel engine. It features common-rail fuel injection, overhead camshaft, and Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT). 

High performance 
High power and torque already at low engine speed. Well-balanced for smooth operation & low noise levels. 

Easy service and maintenance 
Compact, simple installation and easy to service. Easily accessible service points. Common platform between engines for all exhaust emission standards.

Fuel efficient 
High-tech injection system contributes to efficient combustion and low fuel consumption. Exhaust reduction system with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and cooled EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) only.

  • Proven and straight-forward design – built on Volvo Group technology
  • Low cost of ownership and operation
  • High power and torque already at low engine speed
  • SCR and cooled EGR only – no DPF, DOC or regeneration
  • Compact, simple installation and easy to service
  • Similar engine footprint for all emission standards
  • Wide range of optional equipment

Technical description

Engine and block

  • Cast iron cylinder block
  • Replaceable cylinder liners
  • Replaceable valve guides and valve seats
  • Overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder 

Lubrication system

  • Full flow cartridge insert filter
  • Gear type lubricating oil pump, gear driven 

Fuel system

  • Common rail
  • Gear driven fuel feed pump
  • Fuel prefilter with water separator and water in-fuel indicator / alarm
  • Fine fuel filter of cartridge, insert type
  • Manual feed pump on pre filter

Cooling system

  • Belt driven coolant pump with high degree of efficiency

Turbo charger

  • Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT)

Electrical system

  • Engine Management System (EMS) 2.3, an electronically controlled processing system which optimizes engine performance. It also includes advanced features for diagnostics and fault tracing.
  • The instruments and controls connect to the engine via the CAN SAE J1939 interface. Options available for engine control equipment.

Exhaust aftertreatment system

  • SCR and cooled EGR only
  • Airless urea injection
  • Wide range of options available, including different sized AdBlue® / DEF tanks (also possible for OEM to design own tank)
  • AdBlue/DEF Quality Level Temperature Sensor for US Market

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